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BAC Cares Health Clinic News!

We are pleased to announce our new permanent BAC Cares Health Clinic doctor! Dr. John Crowe will be in the clinic Monday through Thursday beginning Monday, June 26th.


Did you know that the IMTEF recently introduced Maternity and Childcare benefits for our Members?  These programs are another great step toward making high-paying construction jobs with great benefits more welcoming to women and families. 

Have You Been Utilizing your Midwest Coalition of Labor Benefits?

One of the benefits of being a Member of the ADC of Eastern Missouri is your free membership with the Midwest Coalition of Labor, and all the great benefits that come with it! 

First Recipients of the Gary Juenger Memorial Scholarship Fund

On Thursday, February 3, 2023, the ADC Officers were joined by our late Pension Director Gary Juenger's family to present scholarship awards to our first group of recipients.  Each applicant submitted an essay along with their application paperwork for the Officers to review, and each applic

Did You Know You Could Make a Dues Payment Through Your Member Portal?

The ADC recently launched Online Dues Payments through the Member Portal.

As long as you're signed up and logged into your Portal, you can select the Dues Payment tab, and proceed with making a Credit or Debit Card Payment. 

Protect Your Pay on August 7! VOTE NO ON RTW!

The August Primary Election on August 7, 2018 is likely to be the most important day in Missouri history since 1978.  It is vital to YOUR livelihood, YOUR paycheck and YOUR family's health insurance that YOU get out and VOTE NO ON PROP A to Defeat Right to Work--AGAIN.